Why Do I Need a Realtor?

A small percent of people each year attempt the process of selling their home without a Realtor. This can be a costly mistake. 

Most people do it because they think they may be able to save money. What starts as an attempt to save a few bucks, often ends up being much more stressful, confusing and costly in the end.

Consider this scenario: a person is summoned to court, and so they say to themselves, "Lawyers are expensive. I will go to court and represent myself." We would all say that is ludicrous, right? The stakes are too high to represent yourself. 

In the same way, selling, buying or building a home is typically one of the most significant purchases or sales you will ever make in your life. The stakes are too high to represent yourself, with limited knowledge, or trying to google for answers.

For such an important transaction, you want an expert on your side - a trustworthy Realtor. Someone who has put in the 10,000 hours required to be an expert in any given field or industry. An active Realtor who is actively doing many transactions for various clients each year. They alone will have the know-how, the expertise, the wisdom and the answers to the various questions and challenges you might face in the home-buying or selling process.

Did you know that Realtors are the only field with the ability to write-up select legal documents outside of the field of law? 

It is vital to utilize a trustworthy, active, wise Realtor over online services or other limited options. Realtors are simply an industry and field that you cannot hire out overseas. You need a person in front of you, with the on-the-ground experience and knowledge and relational capitol to get things done for you, so that you don't carry the weight and burden of them by yourself.