What Makes Minnesota Awesome

Here a just a few reasons why the Twin Cities is so awesome, and can be an ideal place for you and your family to live and work:

Minnesota is a great place to succeed

According to an article in The Atlantic, Minneapolis is super rare, because no other city in the world mixes affordability, opportunity and wealth so well as we do. The Twin Cities has the highest employment rate in the nation for young people. It is the headquarters for 19 Fortune 500 companies, from a variety of  - more than any other metro it's size. 

They write, "the Twin Cities has the highest employment rate for 18-to-34-year-olds in the country." And "Minneapolis–St. Paul is the headquarters for 19 Fortune 500 companies—more than any other metro its size—spanning retail (Target), health care (UnitedHealth), and food (General Mills). In the past 60 years, 40 Minneapolis-based businesses have made it onto Fortune’s list. “We’re not like Atlanta, where half of its Fortune 500s moved there,” Myles Shaver, a professor at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, told me. “There is something about Minneapolis that makes us unusually good at building and keeping large companies.”

Minnesota is one of the healthiest states in America

USA Today has listed Minnesota as the #1 healthiest state in America, while other lists have Minnesota in the top ten healthiest states in the country. Part of this has to do with obesity rates, the lowest heart-related deaths of any state in America, and more doctors and physicians on-hand than nearly all other states.

Minnesota is Great for Moms and Kids

Forbes ranked Minnesota #1 out of all the cities in the country for working moms, because of safety, health care, pay rate for women, number of overall pediatricians, and the statewide investment in teachers and school systems which makes for a great environment for your children to grow up and have the best chance at life! 

Minnesota is the Most Relaxing Place

The Twin Cities is ranked as the most relaxing city in the country by Forbes. Forbes examined top cities in America on several key metrics related to stress, and found the Twin Cities has low unemployment, far less commute traffic than other cities, the vast majority of people in the area exercise regularly (the best workout rate of any city they surveyed), comprehensive medical coverage, and overall health is high.

Minnesota Suburbs are Constantly Featured in the Top Cities to Live in America

When CNN and Time come out with top small cities to live in, the suburbs surrounding Minneapolis and St Paul are repeatedly topping these lists. 

Minnesota Gives You a Head Start on a Happier Life

According to Men's Health, the Twin Cities is one of the top possible "blue's proof" cities, where it is difficult to be sad or depressed. This statistical analysis was based on suicide rates, unemployment rates, the percentage of households that use antidepressants, and the number of people who report feeling the blues all or most of the time. It's probably the distinct seasons that give a movement to the rhythms of life, or the sun that shines brightly even on the coldest winter days, or the strong family culture and acclimation to deep friendships, as well as some of the other opportunities already listed that create a higher level of opportunity at succeeding in life.

Minnesota has cool people

It's not just the weather that is cool in Minnesota - the people are too. Buzzfeed ranked Minnesota with the most hipsters, or people with fashion sense and cool attitudes.