7 Tips for Finding a Great Realtor

Buying, selling or building a home is such an important moment in your life. And the Realtor you choose to help you with this process is an important decision to make. Choose wisely! Here are 10 good tips to consider as you decide:


Tip #1 - If it's possible, use someone you already know and trust

Don't use a random Realtor, if you already know a person outside of real estate. Using a friend or family member may make the process much easier and more fun.

Tip #2 - Look for a Realtor with at least 5+ years of full time experience

You wouldn't want a surgeon opening you up for surgery if it's their first time. You wouldn't want a pilot flying your plane if it's their first time. Buying or selling a home is one of the largest transactions you will ever make in your life, and is just too important to entrust to a newbie. Find a Realtor who has lots of experience.

Michelle has been helping dozens of happy clients a year for many years, and also her parents were both Realtors as she was growing up, which has given her a lifetime of experience!

Tip #3 - Look for a Realtor who is doing at least 10-15 transactions a year

The average Realtor does just 4 transactions a year. That's just not enough to be on top of their game. The average RE/MAX Realtor does 13 transactions a year - this make a big difference. You don't want a part time Realtor. You wouldn't want a part time lawyer or other important industry. 

Michelle has been doing dozens of transactions a year for many years - all this ongoing activity helps her refine her craft and make her even better when she helps you.

Tip #4 - Look for a Realtor who you easily get along with

You're going to be spending a lot of time with your Realtor searching for homes, or listing your home if you are selling. Try to look for signals or clues that you have relational chemistry with those you are considering, and if they have emotional intelligence. This will make for a much better experience for all parties involved. 

Tip #5 - Look for a Realtor with a large brokerage

Working with RE/MAX, and such a large brokerage within RE/MAX has gigantic benefits. Not only are RE/MAX agents typically the most successful Realtors in the world, but having a brokerage with almost 1,000 agents all with potential clients means that promoting your house for sale, and technological, and logistical support are much better than small, lesser known brokerages.

It can also help potential buyers of your home, or sellers deciding on a sale when they work with a RE/MAX agent because it means they are working with someone at the top of their game.

Tip #6 - Look for a Realtor with a good reputation

It can hurt your sale or deal if your Realtor is known to cause problems and has been rude or difficult on past transactions. Speaking from the side of seeing lots of Realtors throughout the year, there are clearly some Realtors who just don't get along with people, and who constantly are creating unnecessary drama. 

Tip #7 - Look for a Realtor who is tech-savvy

90% of potential home buyers now find their next home online. Crazy, right?! For this reason, it is pretty important to find a younger Realtor, or a Realtor of any age who is tech savvy and at least understands the ins-and-outs of the internet (for example: Mac computer & iPhone, not PC; doesn't take 5 minutes to turn on their computer when they sit down with you; has good design and talks about social media like they actually understand it; you get the drift). Especially if they will be marketing your home. Smart, tech-savvy agents simplify the process for you, and do simple, but vital steps to get your home in front of tons more people online. Michelle is one of the best in the industry at this.