Pro Tips for Building Your Dream Home

Building your dream home can be an absolute pleasure. You get to decide on many items of the home, and customize your own living space to your specifications. 

Here are some pro tips on the building process, that you won't want to miss before you get started:

Pro Tip #1 - Make Sure You're Represented

Often builders will encourage you to build using their Realtors - the Realtor that is paid by and represents their interests first. Many people are duped into this, and sometimes builders even claim to offer "discounts" on fees if you use their people.

But it is always best to have a Realtor who represents your interests first, and who can guide you on your best interests, without being on the payroll of the builder.

You wouldn't want to go to court, and request the opposing lawyer represent you both, would you? This would not be wise.

Find a trustworthy Realtor who can negotiate your interests, and review all legal documents on your behalf, so you are protected and worry-free.

Pro Tip #2 - Make a List, Check it Twice

Start a wish-list now of features you'd like to see in your new home. Include all the little details you'd like to see in your new home, down to under-cabinet lighting, hollow doors vs. solid, California-style closets, etc. 

Think through things like an area for your kid's schoolbags in the entry corridor. Think through your everyday life, and future needs, and consider how layout in your new home can make life less cluttered, and more streamlined.

Pro Tip #3 - Find a Home Layout You Love

Be sure to tour some models and spec homes with your Realtor as well as the Parade of Homes (spring and fall). This will help you determine what style of home best fits your needs.

Once you've found a custom home layout that you like best, go with the builder that features that layout. 

Some builders don't allow very many customizations, in order to streamline their processes, and keep their costs controlled. 

Utilize your Realtor in this process to guide you and answer preliminary questions as you consider and make a decision on which builder to approach.

Pro Tip #4 - Don't Stress

Many people worry that building a home will be more stressful, as they pick out and customize more options.

If you choose the right Realtor, and builder, they will help guide you through the challenges and fun of building a new home - and will all work to make it a stress-less experience so that you can build the home of your dreams!