How To Make the Most of Your Realtor

Hopefully you have decided upon an incredible, personable, expert Realtor by now (if you have picked Michelle, then you have :). Here are some great tips to make the most of your Realtor, and have a wonderful home buying/selling experience:

Get working right away on the pre-approval process

Many items have to wait until you're pre-approved. It's not a good use of time to be touring homes before you know for sure what you can afford, and get your ducks in a row financially. Respect your Realtor's time by getting started on pre-approval right away.

Once you have decided on a good agent, stick with them

There are actually rules and regulations about this - other Realtors shouldn't be trying to steal you from your current agent. But suffice it to say that a real estate transaction works best kinda like marriage - with commitment from both parties involved. 

Trust your Realtor's experience and motives

Most Realtors try not to be too pushy, but do want to make sure you are informed about the process and the best ways to put in an offer, or the stickiest listing price for your home. Don't just trust your gut when writing offers - listen to your Realtor's wisdom and experience and truly weigh their opinions as you consider what price to list your home for, or what offer amount you will write up.

Trust your Realtor's motives too. Most people don't go to work because they are money-hungry or selfish. You probably don't go to your job with this mindset. Of course, income is important to care for your family, but you are passionate about what you do, and want to help people succeed as you work alongside them - this is true of many Realtors as well (and is especially the desire of Michelle, if you choose to work with her).

If you loved your experience, refer family and friends

Almost nothing says thank you, or good job better than referring a family member or friend who is looking to buy, sell or build their next home. It means so much, and makes for a #HappyRealtor.