How to Make the Most of the Minnesota State Fair

Did you know that the Minnesota State Fair is the second largest State Fair in the country?! Here are some tips to make the most of your Minnesota State Fair experience:

1. Wear the right clothes and shoes

Prepare to walk. The Minnesota State Fair footprint is gigantic - much larger than most fairs. Bring what you need with you, but pack as light as possible so you can go, go, go to your heart's content.

2. Parking tips

Because there are so many people, parking can be a bear, so plan extra time or park at an off-site location and take one of the many buses into the fair. 

If you are going to park near the fair, be ready to do some walking. The earlier in the day you arrive, the better your chances are for finding an okay spot. 

Many of the houses along the streets near the fair offer their driveway's and lawns as parking for a fee, usually about $10 for the day.

3. Come hungry & Try New Food

One of the highlights of the Minnesota State Fair is, of course, the food. There always seems to be some new food popping up to try. 

Be sure to try a Pronto Pup, Sweet Martha's Cookies, Deep Fried Pickles with Cream Cheese, Fresh French Fries, and Corn King's roasted corn on the cob.

4. Best Activities to Visit

It's always fun to visit the booths in the bandshell, and maybe even stay over for a concert. Walk by the new car models and tractor models. Stop by the agriculture building for some fresh apple cider and swing through the flower exhibit. And be sure to take time out for a concert in one of the many bandshells located through the fair footprint.