Best Salads in the Twin Cities

If you're like me, sometimes you crave a good salad. Not just a thrown together mix of lettuce greens, but a salad mixing a tasty perfection of ingredients and creativity.

Here are few places in the Twin Cities that will make your mouth water for another salad:

Gianni's Hand Spun Ceaser Salad

Order the Gianni's Salad off the menu (it is the ceaser salad), and for an extra treat, add chicken. Grab a seat outdoors, and take a walk down the boardwalk for a relaxing day on the town, and visit the fun, little shops while you're at it.

Freehouse Kale Salad

Freehouse is one of the most delightful restaurant atmosphere's in the Twin Cities. Parking can be a bit of challenge, but it is worth the trip. Their Kale Chicken Salad, Spinach Kinoa or any of their other unique salad options are some of the best we've had in the Twin Cities. Go for both the atmosphere and the incredible taste!

Hazel's Northeast Cobb Salad

Hidden on an unassuming part of the Cities, Hazel's looks like a small town diner, but the Cobb Salad is one of the most filling, delicious, mouth-watering salads you will ever eat. It takes a little more time to wait than usual, but it's worth it once you taste the freshest possible chicken and bacon on top of the salad.

Punch Pizza - Punch Salad

Punch is the only pizza chain in America with the Naples, Italy seal of approval for quality pizza. But many don't realize their salads are incredible too. Try the Punch Salad (full size) and enjoy the fresh baked bread that comes with it.