Best Outdoor Malls in the Twin Cities

Many don't realize, but the very first mall in the country began in the Twin Cities. Now we boast one of the largest malls in the nation, and even across the world - the Mall of America. I would say you can see it from space, but that's probably not true. At the Mall of America we have our own theme parks, and it feels like you can walk for miles without seeing everything. 

Often outdoor malls provide a unique, thrilling experience of their own. Minnesota as an innovator of shopping experiences is not a new thing.

Here are four of the best outdoor malls in the Twin Cities - be sure to give them all a visit:

1. Arbor Lakes, Maple Grove

One of the newest outdoor mall areas, with lots of shopping and dining to choose from!

2. 50th and France, Edina

Classy and elegant with high end shops. 

3. Grand Avenue, St Paul

An oldie and goodie.

4. West End, St Louis Park

Another one of the newer areas, packed full of some of the best restaurants in the state, a high end movie theatre, a few shops and lots of fun!