Best Coffee in the Twin Cities

We are not talking about your ordinary drip-coffee. We are coffee lovers, talking about "third-wave" coffee, like handcrafted, latte-art cappuccinos, pour overs, high end coffee and high quality roasted beans.

Here are some of the best in the Twin Cities:

#1 - Bachelor Farmer

At an end street on the back end of the North Loop/Warehouse District of Minneapolis. This coffee shop boasts the best cappuccino and atmosphere in the Twin Cities. We just love it.

#2 - Rustica

Fresh breads and pastries waft to greet you when you walk into the door. Located on one end of Lake Calhoun, near Burger Jones & Punch Pizza. A blend of Dogwood beans, high end coffee experiences and delicious eats.

#3 - Dogwood

Tucked into inconspicuous spaces around the Twin Cities, including the Uptown Mall - across from the Apple Store. Dogwood has been a delightful local bean roaster, with beans that rival any taste across the nation. Swing by for an iced espresso, or a fresh squeezed lemonade while you're visiting other shops in the area.

#4 - Angry Catfish

Mixed with the smell of bike tires and high end cappuccinos, Angry Catfish strings along Hiawatha Avenue on your way to the airport. It's unique atmosphere is set in a bicycle shop, and some of the best espresso the Twin Cities has to offer.

#5 - Kopplins 

Nestled near Grand Avenue in St Paul, Kopplins doesn't look like much from the outside, but boasts award-winning latte baristas, and delicious coffee experiences.

#6 - Victory 44

Not far from the Caribou Coffee headquarters or Travail off highway 100 in Robbinsdale. Victory 44 is a delicious and understated gastropub with a simple menu of delicious eats, high end chefs, and a delicious coffee menu.

#7 - Spyhouse

A Minnesotan favorite. Multiple locations around Northeast Minneapolis and Uptown, Spyhouse makes for a fun, eclectic atmosphere to study or catch up with friends.